Since 2001, fashionista Bridget Cunningham has been serving fashion goals through her styling and retail operations. Socialite Tammy Ferguson shares Bridget’s love for the world of fashion and commands attention by rocking trendsetting apparel.
Realizing that beauty and fashion are intertwined, the two women joined forces and, Attitude Cosmetics was born.
Attitude Cosmetics is a collection of makeup that defies barriers. It fearlessly eliminates gender and color lines, and offers an abundance of shades and hues for women and men of all nationalities. Whether you need your face beat for the boardroom or the ballroom, you will find a product that will elevate your look. With Attitude, you will always find a color palette perfectly suitable for your mood or occasion, and you are guaranteed to make a statement.
Do it with style.
Do it with grace.
Do it with ATTITUDE!
*Attitude Cosmetics is a socially conscious brand, and it is never tested on animals.